Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New 52 Freedom Fighters so far:

New 52 Freedom Fighters so far:

The Ray
Uncle Sam
Phantom Lady
Doll Man
Human Bomb
Miss America-- going by the name of Joan

Earth 2 Super Heroes So Far:

Earth 2 Super Heroes So Far:

Green Lantern
Mister Terrific
The Atom
Red Tornado
Captain Steel
Doctor Fate

DC's New June 2013 Titles So FAR

News is tricklig in as to the seven titles to replace the titles that are canceled in May.

The Following have been announced thus far:

   1. Larfleeze (DC's sole Orange Lantern).

   2. An yet to be named Superman Title.

Hints are that the other Teen Titans title will show up.

Other than that, your guess is as good as mine.

Go Forth and Do Well


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Justice League of America

The First Issue with 53 Different covers is finally here.

I have it.  Didn't invest in the 52 other covers, but I have to say I enjoyed the first issue.

This book is on my buy list.

Johns has done it again.

My disappointment that he is leaving Green Lantern is outweighed by my joy of him beefing up the Justice League titles.

I hope that the Green Lantern titles do not suffer once Johns and company leave those titles.

And Spider-Man couldn't be in this title either.  LOL

Go Forth and Do Well


Friday, February 8, 2013

May 2013 Update

  I, Vampire and DC Universe Presents replacements are announced

I previously reported that "I, Vampire" and DC Universe Presents  had been Canceled.

DC has replaced them with two political based books.  One of which, "The Green Team" is a new take on title they published In First Issue Special #2,  May of 1975.

For more info on the follwoing titles, Consult the link below:

1. The Green Team

2. The Movement

More Canceled titles Announced

DC Comics has reported that the following titles end in May:

1. Deathstroke
2. Fury of the Firestorm
3. The Savage Hawkman
5.Sword of Sorcery
6. Team 7

Here are my thoughts on what is coming in June:

1. New Gods. Orion is showing up in different titles even in May.

2. Another Teen Titian title.  Raven has been showing up in various titles as well.  DC has already said the New Teen Titans title will be lead by Raven.

3.  The Creeper.  The rumor has it that he shows up in Nightwing's April issue.

4. Another Young Justice Title. Either an individual or a team.

5. Freedom Fighters related title. It would be ashamed to have gone through 3 Freedom Fighters related series so far to just drop the idea.

6. Secret Six. I personally would like to see a different take on the team that incorporates ideas   from the classic and most recent versions of the team. 

That is all I have for now.

Go Forth and Do Well