Monday, April 29, 2013

What does DC call The New 52?

At my count, DC still only has 50 New 52 titles.

That is not saying that they, in fact, have more than 52 titles in the DC Imprint.

My wife has even said to me "Why does it matter that they have 52 titles?"

My response is that it is the new Universe that they are presenting to us.  52 books that define their, in DC's case, Multiverse.

But she is right.  As long as we have great stories coming out, we should be happy.

I bet any one of us has ideas we are dying to talk to DC about.

Sadly that is not a part of the new 52.

The only thing new about the new 52 is that they want new readers.

In an age where more kids play video games than read, it is very hard to get people plop down 2.99 for a book that has only one story. Especially when they can create their own on the video game on the screen before them.

Something to think about.

Go forth and do well.



DC is breaking out the 4th of July fireworks early.

The July Solicits are already out.

Check this link for Newsarama and see what is coming up:

Trinity war interview on IGN

War is coming.

A Trinity War that is.

Check out this link to read an interview about Trinity War:

New Red 2 Trailer

If the movie is half as good as the trailer, I want to be there on the first day.

Check out the trailer

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Trinity War Update?

It looks like the Trinity War is starting in the pages of "Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger 8.

Check the link below for the preview.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

DC Comics movies in the works

The following are movies that entertainment sites say are in the works for DC:

1. Justice League.  This seems to depend on how well "Man of Steel" does at the boxoffice.

2. Dark Universe a.k.a. Justice League Dark.  Guillermo del Toro is producing this one.  And all accounts that I have read make it sound like it will be very good.

Everything after that seems to be up in the air or being kept a secret.

The only other strategy that have heard is that DC plans to have other movies come out after Justice League. I also think that Dark Universe may do the same for properties such as Deadman, Swamp Thing, and Frankenstein.

More news as I see it.

Go Forth and Do Well.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Flashpoint on video news

Newsarama is posting new casting notes on the upcoming video version of the "Flashpoint" maxi-series.

Check out the link below:

Monday, April 8, 2013

Trinity War Players

Trinity War has lots of Soldiers.  You almost need a score card to determine who is on what side.
Lets exam the forces.

Justice League
Element Woman
Wonder Woman

Justice League of America
Green Lantern
Green Arrow
Steve Trevor
Martian Manhunter

Justice League Dark
John Constantine
Madame Xanadu

Uknown Allegiances

Shazam or Black Adam.  I only know one thing from the images so far, he is not a member of Justice League dark. He is fighting Deadman in the first gatefold DC gave us.

Doctor Light.  Again the only thing DC is showing us is that he is fighting a member of Justice League Dark.

The Trinity of Sins.  

We still don't know which teams they are linked to.  

Phantom Stranger has teamed up with Justice League Dark. 

Pandora has been looking to team with Justice League. 

The Question is just now showing up in Phantom Strangers book.  So therefore it is still up in the air.

My take on the War.

1.  The Trinity of Sins is linked to Shazam. We know this because the Wizards who punished the Trinity wore the mark of Shazam.

2.  Pandora's Box is the at the center of the conflict. Again we know this from the Free Comic day story and many stories since.

3. The Question holds a grudge against Phantom Stranger. You need go no further than Phantom Stranger's book to know tha.

4. Players like Zatanna will change teams.  Johns has just indicated that in interviews with various comic book sites.

5.  Change is coming to all the teams. Again John's has said that things will be different.

So there is my take so far.  We will find out in July what really happens.

Go Forth and Do Well.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trinity War Update

War is coming.

Well not actually real war, but the Justice League Trinity War.

The link below gives more info as to who what and where.

An added plus is the New 52 re-intro of Doctor Light.

Spoiler alert:  The article states that it is hard to tell if the new Dr. Light is a man or a woman, but after magnifing the pic I can safely say Dr. Light is a man.

His race is harder to tell.  Even harder to tell is which Justice League he belongs to.

That is all for now.

Go forth and Do Well


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Team Ups are back

You can stop holding your breath now..

Team-up Books are back.

Batman Superman, Batman and..., and Superior Spiderman team-up are heading our way.

Let's hope the publishers have a good idea how to make them work again.

Go forth and do well.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Justice League Fights the Avengers on Netflix

The Justice League are battling it out on Netflix.

We not really.  Netflix has added Justice League and Justice League Unlimited to its offerings.

In additon to Justice League,  Batman: Brave and the Bold, and Batman Beyond are now playing on Netflix as well.

And lets not forget the DC Comics movies that have been added recently as well.

Not a bad value if you don't have this videos on DVD.

Go Forth and Enjoy.