Friday, December 21, 2012

JLA Rejects Spider man ....the continuing Saga

I want to comment I a respons to my blog:  SykoSvens wrote the following

"SykoSvens has left a new comment on your post "Spider-Man rejected for Membership in the JL":  
yea it was a thing... its actually considered canon " 

I went to that link.  I saw the cover.  I have to tell you When a site tells me that The team up never happened....but should have...then I get critical.  

1.  Anyone who knows the history of the DC / Marvel team-ups knows that it practically took an Act of Congress to get the Superman vs Spider-man cross over off the ground.

2.  The Cross overs contained the logos of both companies.  These examples use a title that ended at number 15.

3.  The cover art is done by two different Artists John Romita Sr (who has never worked for DC), and Dick Dillin.  And to make it worse both are taken from actual JLA and Spider-Man covers.  I have seen the JLA art, I just don't remember which cover.

4. Compare the covers below and note the Marvel logo is on JLA / Avengers and not the bogus Super-Team Family.

So my point once again is it never happened.  And it won't happen unless Marvel sees a profit in it...

Doctored cover with Dillin and Romita Sr. Art 

Cover art by George Perez