Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Batman Superman Movie has a name

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

World's Finest Demise not a Big Deal


Dateline: Earth 2, August 2014. WORLD'S FINEST is canceled.

Dateline: Earth 2 September 2014 EARTH 2: WORLD'S END begins its run.

DC canceled a monthly to make room for a weekly.  Not just a weekly, but one that has part of the name of the title it replaces.

The cool thing is that now we get weekly adventures of our favorite Earth 2 Heroes.

I am game.  Besides the World's Finest writer is one of the writers on the weekly book.  

So I guess I will give up the false hope for 3 Earth 2 books.

I will rejoice in the fact that I will get stories every week until March of 2015.

Here is the link to remind everyone about the weekly.

That is all for now.

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Monday, May 19, 2014



Here is my overview of the major and minor events happening in August

Major Events  

1. Multiversity.  
  • Morrison exploring the Multiverse
  • Black Superman  (connection to the Earth 2 Books).
  • Atomic Knights (Silver Age Sci Fi heroes).
  • You are a Super Hero (Twist on theme created by Carey Bates in Volume 1, Issue 123 of Justice League of America)
2.  Sensation Comics #1 Featuring Wonder Woman (Digital First)  
  • Second Solo Wonder Woman Title.
  • Title was original Solo Wonder Woman Title.
  • Gale Simone writing the title.
  • Features stories outside of continuity that let creators explore the world of Wonder Woman.
  • Gives Wonder Woman 3 titles where she is either solo or shares the title.
3. New Teen Titans Trade Paperback offered

Minor Events

 1. Grayson.  
  • New 52 reintroduction of Helena Bertinelli (The old 52 and Current Arrow Huntress).
2.  EARTH 2 and WORLD'S FINEST finally link up.

3.  HARLEY QUINN book has 2 issues in August.

4.  JUSTICE LEAGUE.  A new Power Ring is picked and she is becoming a member of the Justice League.

5.  JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK,  We get more of a back story for Deadman.

That is all I have for now.

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It isn't even August and it is getting hot.  Both in temp and in the August Solicits.

Rather than give you a couple different links like I have in the past, I am giving you the one I like the best.

Another change starting this month will be that I will give you my take on the titles coming out that month in the very next post.

Go ahead and check out the solicits, and then please come back and check out my thoughts on it.

Futures End September Event Covers And Their Meaning.

DC Ends the Future in September

DC is making FUTURES END the topic of its September event.

If  a picture tells a 1000 words, then DC has a whole lot of words coming at us before we turn a page to any of the September event books.

Below are the links to DC's web pages pertaining to September's Covers. I am posting my comments about the each links covers below the corresponding link.

1. Action #1.  This start a theme of a hero turning to dust.  In this case Superman.

2.  Aquaman seems to be a slave to his wife, but aren't we all ?

3.  Batwing.  I got nothing.  Just logo changes.

4.  Detective.  The new Robin is the Riddler. 

5.  Earth 2.  The previews for Future's End already says that Red Tornado is prisoner of war.  No surprise here.

6.  Grayson.  Hmmm Dick is the New Red Star ( )?  I like that one.  The costume is very similar to the one in the link posted here.  Or he becomes the leader of the PEOPLE'S HEROES (from the pages of the Old 52 OUTSIDERS's_Heroes).

7.  Green Arrow... (singing to the tune of  Alone again Naturally "Alive again Naturally".

8.  Green Lantern.  Not quite dust, rock, but close.

9.  Swamp Thing.  Either that is a very cool planter, or he is going to be Machine Thing.

10.  Phantom Stranger.  Hmm  dunno, but he looks scared.

Now on to the second page they posted.

12.  Batgirl.  Hmm first with captured bad guys, and then it looks like she is with her daughters.  I like that idea  because we get to ask who is their daddy?

13.  Batman.  Batbane and the Clones.. It could happen.

14.  Birds of Prey.  Ras Al Black Canary.  Looks like she has the League of Assassins in her future.

15.  CONSTANTINE: FUTURES END #1.  I guess we can say the Doctor Fate is in.

16.  GREEN LANTERN CORPS: FUTURES END #1.  John a member of the Indigo Tribe.  Cool.  That leaves only Hal and the new guy as members of the Green Lantern Corps.

17.  INFINITY MAN AND THE FOREVER PEOPLE: FUTURES END #1.  Beautiful Dreamer has a nightmare.

18.  JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED: FUTURES END #1.  Dawnstar and Vostock-X join the team.  I already buy the mag.  I will want to have more if these two are members.

19.  NEW SUICIDE SQUAD: FUTURES END #1.  Waller is elected President.  Or they take over the White House.

20.  SUPERBOY: FUTURES END #1.  Reign of the Superboys.

21.  WONDER WOMAN: FUTURES END #1.  Wonder Woman truly becomes the God of War.

22.  WORLDS' FINEST: FUTURES END #1.  Black Supergirl or Icon's Sidekick Rocket.  We will have to wait until September to find out for sure.

That is all for now.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Justice League DVD coming out the the 20th of May

Original JLA Movie Coming out  20th fo May

Ever found something you like that you didn't know it was there?

Such is the case for this post.

I was totally unaware that DC had an original animated movie coming out in May.

And yet, DC has a Justice League movie coming out on May 20th.

Check the attached link for more info and a clip from the film.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Justice Society of America turns 75 in 2015.

EARTH 2: WORLD'S END Just in Time for Justice Society's 75th Birthday.

Earth 2's World Ends just in time to celebrate the birth do Comics first team.

Ironically or on purpose, The JSA turns 75 years young in March or a little before that.

The JSA came to be in ALL STAR #3 , Winter of 1940.

They were the first Super Hero team ever.  By today's standards the title would be lame.  But no other Team in history has influenced comics as much as this team.

Sure many could say that X-Men has made more of an impact on pop culture, but the JSA set the mold that many writers use to set up a team.

So I hope that DC celebrates the JSA in much the same way they have Celebrated Superman and Batman.

That is all I have for now.

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

New Version of the Green Arrow's Long Bow Hunters

New 52 is a very different Place For Green Arrow

Things that once were in the old 52 are not in the New one.

The Pages of Green Arrow(GA) announced that he will be facing the "Long Bow Hunters".

Originally THE LONG BOW HUNTERS was a prestige 3 issue prestige mini series written and drawn by one of my favorite Writer/Artist Mike Grell.  One notable thing is that this series introduced SHADO to the DC Universe.  Yes Shado for those watching ARROW.  It was a great series

The link below gives more detail about the mini and the fact that the mini helped to spawn an ongoing series written by Mike Grell.  Available on Comixology for $11.99

The New Long Bow Hunters Are:

Richard Dragon 

Brick. (Originally a flash villain.. I have to admit I like him better here)

Count Vertigo (an actual Green Arrow villain)

Killer Moth ( Batman baddie who looks cooler in the page from GA)

Red Dart 

I am sad that a classic tale is now a collection of bad guys, but the page of Green Arrow makes them look cool.

The fact that Red Dart is female also makes up for it as well.  DC has a history of having too few Heroines and Villainesses.

If you don/t read Green Arrow, then check out the link below for the page that introduces the LONG BOW HUNTERS.

The next issue is going in my buy pile.

That is all for this post.

Go Forth and Do Well,


Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Wanderers a little know team at DC made Debut in Action

Cosmic Team That Could Introduced In The First Year of New 52 And Got Missed.

Maybe it was because Grant Morrison added Captain Comet to the mix.

Maybe it was because there was very little fanfare in their introduction.

I don't know for sure.

What I do know, being a fan of the concept of the Wanderers, that I would have bought these issues had I know the Team was being introduced in ACTION COMICS.

It is a team more related to SUPERBOY.

Introduced as a 30th Century team.  I, like many others, would expect it to be in the LEGION OF SUPER HEROES.

Morrison chose ACTION.

I like what I have seen after the fact.  Too bad 2 years later that the team hasn't been seen again.

Check out the links for link History of the team from present to past.'s-that-character-the-wanderers-(new-52-dc)/

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Batman: Assault on Arkham preview

Son of Batman follow up announced

Son of Batman is barely out and we already know the next movie to come out.

Batman: Assault On Arkham preview, which is probably on the Son of Batman DVD, was put on online.  check out the following link to get your look at it.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Great CBR Digital interview with Jim Lee

Here is a great interview with Jim Lee that Comic Book Resources did at Wondercon.

Check it out.  I think CBR brings up some good points.  We have yet to see Milestone heroes in the New 52.

Check it out. It is a little long,but it gives some insight into what is going on at DC.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pics from Free Comic Day at my Local Comic shop-: Astro Zombies

Free Comic Book Day Line At Astro Zombies in Albuquerque, New Mexico

As you can see a very Popular Store.  

Mike the Owner is taking a hydration break because the line is so long.

Another Pic of  Mike and the Many Customers buying books as well as getting their Free Comics

Astro Zombies Free Comic Day Sidewalk Sale.

As if the lines weren't enough of an indicator, Mike made sure that everyone knew it was Free Comic Day.

Spider-Man waiting for is Free comic.  Please note this is not Peter Parker, but the Black Spider-Man.

Once Again: Spider-Man Rejected for Membership in the Justice League.

Friday, May 2, 2014

New Red Tornado Gets more of a Back Story

This Isn't Your Father's Red Tornado

The New 52 has brought new changes to the DC Universe.  

One of those changes is that Red Tornado is now Lois Lane.

For those who may not know the history of this Hero, I have the following information:


For years and years the alter ego of Red Tornado (RT) was an android named John Smith.  This android was created by T.O. Morrow to destroy the Justice League.

As many of you know that did not work out for Morrow because RT becomes a hero.  He eventually goes to Earth 2 to join the Justice Society.  

Ironically Earth 2's Red Tornado was an old woman named Ma Hunkle.  Now remember that Ma was a read Golden Age heroine.  Even though she was dressed like a man.  For This link gives you more of info on Ma.

Eventually RT comes back and rejoins the JL.  Becomes a member in good standing, until he is divided into Tornado Champion and Tornado Tyrant.  The links below give more info on these issues.

The elimination of the multiverse gave a family to RT with Ma Hunkle and her Grand daughter Maxie (Cyclone / Red Tornado herself) becoming an adopted family for him.

Despite DC's best efforts, Red Tornado just didn't seem to become as popular as the other JL heroes.

He has been in several mini series.  None seemed to sell enough issues to warrant an ongoing series.

So it brings us to now.  Lois Lane is Red Tornado.  I like it so far for several reasons:

1.  The back story includes other golden age characters.

2.  It shows an alternate view of Lois as a heroine not a damsel is distress.

3.  Red Tornado is once again a woman.  Not a woman dressed as a man, but a real or almost real woman.

We shall see how her story pans out in the pages of Earth 2


If you include the YOUNG JUSTICE series on Cartoon Network, he was one of three such androids created by morrow.  The others being Red Torpedo and Firebrand. Firebrand eventually became Red Inferno.  

Like the Young Justice comic book he is an advisor to the team.

Unlike the Young Justice comic, the series fleshes out just who Red Tornado is as a hero.


Like many of the other Heroes who appeared on this show, the show did very little expand the hero's backstory beyond what we already knew from comics.

This all being said.. here is the link to the Earth 2 news About Red Tornado

That is all I have for now.

Go Forth and Do Well,