Friday, May 2, 2014

New Red Tornado Gets more of a Back Story

This Isn't Your Father's Red Tornado

The New 52 has brought new changes to the DC Universe.  

One of those changes is that Red Tornado is now Lois Lane.

For those who may not know the history of this Hero, I have the following information:


For years and years the alter ego of Red Tornado (RT) was an android named John Smith.  This android was created by T.O. Morrow to destroy the Justice League.

As many of you know that did not work out for Morrow because RT becomes a hero.  He eventually goes to Earth 2 to join the Justice Society.  

Ironically Earth 2's Red Tornado was an old woman named Ma Hunkle.  Now remember that Ma was a read Golden Age heroine.  Even though she was dressed like a man.  For This link gives you more of info on Ma.

Eventually RT comes back and rejoins the JL.  Becomes a member in good standing, until he is divided into Tornado Champion and Tornado Tyrant.  The links below give more info on these issues.

The elimination of the multiverse gave a family to RT with Ma Hunkle and her Grand daughter Maxie (Cyclone / Red Tornado herself) becoming an adopted family for him.

Despite DC's best efforts, Red Tornado just didn't seem to become as popular as the other JL heroes.

He has been in several mini series.  None seemed to sell enough issues to warrant an ongoing series.

So it brings us to now.  Lois Lane is Red Tornado.  I like it so far for several reasons:

1.  The back story includes other golden age characters.

2.  It shows an alternate view of Lois as a heroine not a damsel is distress.

3.  Red Tornado is once again a woman.  Not a woman dressed as a man, but a real or almost real woman.

We shall see how her story pans out in the pages of Earth 2


If you include the YOUNG JUSTICE series on Cartoon Network, he was one of three such androids created by morrow.  The others being Red Torpedo and Firebrand. Firebrand eventually became Red Inferno.  

Like the Young Justice comic book he is an advisor to the team.

Unlike the Young Justice comic, the series fleshes out just who Red Tornado is as a hero.


Like many of the other Heroes who appeared on this show, the show did very little expand the hero's backstory beyond what we already knew from comics.

This all being said.. here is the link to the Earth 2 news About Red Tornado

That is all I have for now.

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