Monday, May 19, 2014

Futures End September Event Covers And Their Meaning.

DC Ends the Future in September

DC is making FUTURES END the topic of its September event.

If  a picture tells a 1000 words, then DC has a whole lot of words coming at us before we turn a page to any of the September event books.

Below are the links to DC's web pages pertaining to September's Covers. I am posting my comments about the each links covers below the corresponding link.

1. Action #1.  This start a theme of a hero turning to dust.  In this case Superman.

2.  Aquaman seems to be a slave to his wife, but aren't we all ?

3.  Batwing.  I got nothing.  Just logo changes.

4.  Detective.  The new Robin is the Riddler. 

5.  Earth 2.  The previews for Future's End already says that Red Tornado is prisoner of war.  No surprise here.

6.  Grayson.  Hmmm Dick is the New Red Star ( )?  I like that one.  The costume is very similar to the one in the link posted here.  Or he becomes the leader of the PEOPLE'S HEROES (from the pages of the Old 52 OUTSIDERS's_Heroes).

7.  Green Arrow... (singing to the tune of  Alone again Naturally "Alive again Naturally".

8.  Green Lantern.  Not quite dust, rock, but close.

9.  Swamp Thing.  Either that is a very cool planter, or he is going to be Machine Thing.

10.  Phantom Stranger.  Hmm  dunno, but he looks scared.

Now on to the second page they posted.

12.  Batgirl.  Hmm first with captured bad guys, and then it looks like she is with her daughters.  I like that idea  because we get to ask who is their daddy?

13.  Batman.  Batbane and the Clones.. It could happen.

14.  Birds of Prey.  Ras Al Black Canary.  Looks like she has the League of Assassins in her future.

15.  CONSTANTINE: FUTURES END #1.  I guess we can say the Doctor Fate is in.

16.  GREEN LANTERN CORPS: FUTURES END #1.  John a member of the Indigo Tribe.  Cool.  That leaves only Hal and the new guy as members of the Green Lantern Corps.

17.  INFINITY MAN AND THE FOREVER PEOPLE: FUTURES END #1.  Beautiful Dreamer has a nightmare.

18.  JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED: FUTURES END #1.  Dawnstar and Vostock-X join the team.  I already buy the mag.  I will want to have more if these two are members.

19.  NEW SUICIDE SQUAD: FUTURES END #1.  Waller is elected President.  Or they take over the White House.

20.  SUPERBOY: FUTURES END #1.  Reign of the Superboys.

21.  WONDER WOMAN: FUTURES END #1.  Wonder Woman truly becomes the God of War.

22.  WORLDS' FINEST: FUTURES END #1.  Black Supergirl or Icon's Sidekick Rocket.  We will have to wait until September to find out for sure.

That is all for now.

Go Forth and Do Well,