Saturday, May 10, 2014

New Version of the Green Arrow's Long Bow Hunters

New 52 is a very different Place For Green Arrow

Things that once were in the old 52 are not in the New one.

The Pages of Green Arrow(GA) announced that he will be facing the "Long Bow Hunters".

Originally THE LONG BOW HUNTERS was a prestige 3 issue prestige mini series written and drawn by one of my favorite Writer/Artist Mike Grell.  One notable thing is that this series introduced SHADO to the DC Universe.  Yes Shado for those watching ARROW.  It was a great series

The link below gives more detail about the mini and the fact that the mini helped to spawn an ongoing series written by Mike Grell.  Available on Comixology for $11.99

The New Long Bow Hunters Are:

Richard Dragon 

Brick. (Originally a flash villain.. I have to admit I like him better here)

Count Vertigo (an actual Green Arrow villain)

Killer Moth ( Batman baddie who looks cooler in the page from GA)

Red Dart 

I am sad that a classic tale is now a collection of bad guys, but the page of Green Arrow makes them look cool.

The fact that Red Dart is female also makes up for it as well.  DC has a history of having too few Heroines and Villainesses.

If you don/t read Green Arrow, then check out the link below for the page that introduces the LONG BOW HUNTERS.

The next issue is going in my buy pile.

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