Wednesday, May 25, 2016

DC sales Lagging because of Small companies not Marvel

Marvel is taking a lot of credit for beating DC lately.

If you look at the Graph of sales from April of 2016, you will see that the combined sales of the Independents is far more a threat to both DC and Marvel than Marvel vs. DC.

This is traditionally not the case.  DC is losing ground because it needs to find its Niche.The small publishers, although each can't measure up to DC sales, combined are eating into DC sales and not Marvel's  Image has been the largest of that competition.

Hopefully the launch of rebirth which gets back to the core values of the line will bring DC back to being on par with Marvel again.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

DC's TV finales will have wondering all sumer

DC creating a new kind of Cliff hanger on tv.


Here is the rundown.

1. SUPERGIRL:  Who is the person in the space ship.

2. LEGENDS OF TOMORROW:  Rex Tyler (Hourman of the JSA) telling the team not to get on the ship. Even more strange was that it was Heat Wave who told him to tell the team.

3. THE FLASH:  Barry goes back in time and creates the live action events of FLASHPOINT.  In addition to that Jay Garrick says he is from Earth 3.  Hmmmmmm  we will see what happens with this one especially that two members of the JSA are now on two different shows.  And will the Time Wraiths on THE FLASH show up on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW not that the TIME MASTERS are gone?

4.  ARROW:  that is to be continued in a revised version of this post once ARROW is aired.




Wednesday, May 4, 2016

DC is looking for a few good writers

DC is doing a search for new writers, but there is a catch:

You have to already have comics experience.

Now I like that they looking for new blood,

I am concerned that that they are not looking for real new talent.

New talent needs to bring new ideas to the table.

I have lots of ideas.

I have written for publications.

I have not written for comics.

I am a fan of comics, and with the right training, I could bring some unique stories to print.

I am also sure there are others who could do that is well.

Food for thought.

Hopefully I am wrong and DC Rebirth helps to bring DC back as a leader of the comics world.

That's all for now.

Go Forth and Do well.