Friday, February 21, 2014

Constantine Lead Actor Cast for NBC Show

The Dark Side Of the DC Universe Is One Step Closer to Being Exposed.

You heard me right.  John Constantine has been Cast for the NBC show Constantine.

Welsh Actor Matt Ryan will Play the title role.

The following things going for him.

  •      Hails from the British Isles. 
  •      Worked on at least one prime time show.
  •      He has a body of work that includes movies.
The Two links below tell you more about him, and the announcement about the casting.

That is all I have for now on this item.

I am going to go to Netflix and watch one of the Torchwood  Episodes that he is on to see how good of  an Accent he has.

Until next time

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Jada Pinket Smith Joins Gotham Show

Nice choice.  The show is getting to look very good.

Let's see who else is added.

Suicide Squad soon to be Canceled But gets new Mission

Suicide Squad to get its first TV Mission.

The CW Network announced that the Suicide Squad with get a Guest Shot on Arrow.

When Amanda Waller calls, you listen.

Such is the case in the March 9th Episode of Arrow.  Waller recruits Deadshot, Shrapnel, and The Bronze Tiger to join Diggle on a Suicide Mission.

Check this link for more info on the show.

That is all I have for now.

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What my Freedom Fighters would look like, if I got to write the title

It is many a fan boy's dream to write a comic about their Favorite Hero.

Mine is to write The Freedom Fighters.

Since I first saw them in the pages of the Justice League, I have longed to write just even one story about that team.

First my team would look like the graph below:

Uncle Sam (The Original)
Black Condor (John Trujillo )
The Ray (Lucien Gates)
The Phantom Lady (Stormy Knight)
The Ray (Ray Terrill)
The Red Bee (Jenna Raleigh)
Doll Man (Lester Colt)
Miss America (Joan Dale)
Invisible Hood (a black female)*
Captain Triumph (the Female Version)
Plastic Man
Max Mercury
Magno (from Uncle Sam and FF)
Unlike Roy Thomas, I would only use the original Quality Comics heroes.

Just for your info, I am providing the list below of heroes and different eras that are eligible for the make up of the team.

I am listing all the time periods in which Quality Heroes have appeared.  Included the Justice League Lady Luck that Geoff Johns announced would be joining the Justice League.

Golden Age Appearances-non DC
711 (Quality Comics)
Black Condor
Blackhawk (DC Comics)
Blue Tracer
Bozo the Iron Man
Captain Triumph
Clock (comics)
Doll Girl
Doll Man
Firebrand (DC Comics)
Human Bomb
Invisible Hood
Jester (Quality Comics)
Kid Eternity
Lady Luck (comics)
Madame Fatal
Magno (Quality Comics)
Manhunter (comics)
Max Mercury
Merlin the Magician (comics)
Midnight (DC Comics)
Miss America (DC Comics)
Miss Fear (comics)
Mouthpiece (comics)
Neon the Unknown
Phantom Lady
Plastic Man
Ray (comics)
Red Bee (comics)
Red Torpedo (Jim Lockhart)
Spider (DC Comics)
Spider Widow
Uncle Sam (comics)
Stormy Foster, The Great Defender
Wildfire (Carol Vance Martin)
Wonder Boy (comics)
JLA 107 1973All-Star Squadron
Black Condor Richard Grey, Jr. (alias Tom Wright) Black Condor (Richard Grey, Jr./Thomas Wright)
Doll Man - Darrel DaneDoll Man (Darrell Dane)
Human Bomb- Roy LincolnFirebrand (Rod Reilly)
Phantom Lady -Sandra KnightFirebrand (Rod Reilly)
Ray -Langford "Happy" TerrillFirebrand (Danette Reilly)
Uncle Sam Human Bomb (Roy Lincoln)
Invisible Hood (Kent Thurston)
Jester (Chuck Lane)
Magno (Tom Dalton)
Manhunter (Dan Richards)
Midnight (Dave Clark)
Miss America (Joan Dale-Trevor)
Neon the Unknown (Tom Corbet)
Phantom Lady (Sandra Knight)
Plastic Man (Patrick "Eel" O'Brian)
Ray (Lanford "Happy" Terrill)
Red Bee (Rick Raleigh)
Red Torpedo (Jim Lockhart)
Uncle Sam
Our Worlds at WarBrave New World
DamageDoll Man (Lester Colt)
Iron MunroThe Human Bomb (Andy Franklin)
Black Condor (Ryan Kendall)The Phantom Lady (Stormy Knight)
Phantom Lady (Dee Tyler)The Ray (Stan Silver)
The Ray (Ray Terrill)Black Condor (John Trujillo )
Uncle SamUncle Sam
The Human Bomb (Roy Lincoln)Invisible Hood (Ken Thurston)
The Red Bee (Jenna Raleigh)
Miss America (Joan Dale)
The Ray (Ray Terrill)
Father Time (Black man )
The Jester (Charles Lane)
Captain Triumph
New 52New 52-Earth 2
Doll Man (Dane Maxwell)Red Torpedo (Jim Lockhart)
The Human Bomb (Michael Taylor)Stormy Foster, The Great Defender
Phantom Lady (Jennifer Knight)
The Ray (Lucien Gates)
Uncle Sam (a black man)
Forever EvilJustice League-New 52
Plastic ManLady Luck
As you can see, DC has tried time and time again to put out a Freedom Fighters team that will have staying power.  I don't think changing the Secret Identity of the heroes is always the way to get new readers.

The exceptions to that rule are John Truillo (Black Condor) and Lucein Gates (The Ray) because they add the diversity that the team sorely needed.  Especially for a team that truly is an American Superhero team.

Well that is all I have to say about that.

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Freedom Fighters Update

The Freedom Fighters are still not free.

The New 52 has given us just 3 Connected Mini-Series.

So far the membership (as shown in Issue 4 of The Human Bomb) is noted on the chart below:

New 52
Doll Man (Dane Maxwell)
The Human Bomb (Michael Taylor)
Phantom Lady (Jennifer Knight)
The Ray (Lucien Gates)
Uncle Sam (a black man)
As you may know, the secret identities have changed again from the original team that was introduced in 1973 In Justice League of America 107.  That membership is listed Below.

JLA 107 1973
Black Condor Richard Grey, Jr. (alias Tom Wright)
Doll Man - Darrel Dane
Human Bomb- Roy Lincoln
Phantom Lady -Sandra Knight
Ray -Langford "Happy" Terrill
Uncle Sam 
I can understand changing The Ray to Lucien Gates because he is an Asian-American. That addition makes the team more diverse. More American than the original team in the 70s.

Plastic Man, who I believe should be in the Freedom Fighters, is the only other Quality hero to get new stories since the 1970s.

I will admit that the All-Star Squadron stories are the one notable exception. But even then, a quality Hero got a new Identity.  That one being Firebrand who was named after Writer Roy Thomas' wife Dananette.

So here is a list of the member in All Star Squadron.  I am not using Hourman in this list because He was and is a DC hero.

All-Star Squadron
Black Condor (Richard Grey, Jr./Thomas Wright)
Doll Man (Darrell Dane)
Firebrand (Rod Reilly)
Firebrand (Rod Reilly)
Firebrand (Danette Reilly)
Human Bomb (Roy Lincoln)
Invisible Hood (Kent Thurston)
Jester (Chuck Lane)
Magno (Tom Dalton)
Manhunter (Dan Richards)
Midnight (Dave Clark)
Miss America (Joan Dale-Trevor)
Neon the Unknown (Tom Corbet)
Phantom Lady (Sandra Knight)
Plastic Man (Patrick "Eel" O'Brian)
Ray (Lanford "Happy" Terrill)
Red Bee (Rick Raleigh)
Red Torpedo (Jim Lockhart)
Uncle Sam
Another opportunity to add diversity to the Team was in 1996 when DC put out a new Firebrand title with Alex Sanchez being the secret Identity.  But he was killed off in JSA Secret Files #2.

Just a recap and to add additional info regarding New 52 appearances of Quality / Freedom Fighters heroes:

New 52New 52-Earth 2
Doll Man (Dane Maxwell)Red Torpedo (Jim Lockhart)
The Human Bomb (Michael Taylor)Stormy Foster, The Great Defender
Phantom Lady (Jennifer Knight)
The Ray (Lucien Gates)
Uncle Sam (a black man)
Forever EvilJustice League
Plastic ManLady Luck

It is nice to see DC putting the heroes out there.  I just wish that more well know bad guys like The Calculator were going up against them.

That is all for this update.

My Next post will be regarding who I think should be on the New 52 Freedom Fighters.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

DC's Asian Superheroes before and after New 52

The following lists DC Comics Asian Superheroes

Hero NameEthnicCountryNew 52
Green Lantern -Batman BeyondChineseUSA
Lady ShivaChineseMoblieYes
Striker ZHong KongMoblie
Stuff the Chinatown KidChineseMoblie
Doctor LightJapanJapan
Mr. UnknownJapanJapan
Rising SunJapanJapan
Toyman IIIJapanJapan
Element WomanKoreanUSAYes
The Ray (Lucien Gates)KoreanUSA
Third RailKorean
OMAC (Kevin Kho)CambodiaUSAYes
Captain SteelFilipinoUSA Earth 2
Solstice IndiaUSAYes

Asian Superhero Teams

The Great Ten - China  As far as it seems this Team in the New 52

The Super Young Team- Japan  This team hasn't Shown up so far.

That is all I have for now.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DC Super Teams and shy so many of the New 52 Teams have failed

I am writing this not just a blogger reporting a trend at DC in regards to teams.

Note the list below.  These are the Team titles canceled so far.  The ones in black are the ones I had in buy list at my comic shop.

New 52 Teams Canceled
Team 7 #8
Justice League International 12
Green Team #8
Legion Lost #8
Legion of Super-Heroes #23
Blackhawks #7

Here are my reasons for not buy the 3 titles in white on this list

1.  The Movement was a cool concept, but I need more than a new concept to drag me to a tile.  Too many new Heroes to learn about. There didn't seem to be a connection to the rest of the DC Universe either.

2.  The New 52 Blackhawks looked more like DC's version of Shield, and less like the Blackhawks of old.

3. The Green Team was a lame title when it appeared in 1st Issue Special in the 1970s.  So wasn't going to buy the title based on my past experience with the original title.

Here are the reasons that readers lost interest in the rest

1. Justice League International.  
   a. The bad guys looked like Marvel Villains.  
   b. No familiar bad guys from the DC Universe
  c. The writer made Omac seem more like Hulk than Kirby's original version of OMAC.  

2. Team 7
 Dito on the A, and B above
I knew too little about these guys and the writers didn't really give me convincing villains.

3. Suicide Squad.
 a.  Just didn't seem to have the same kind of magic it did when Ostrander wrote the book.
 b. Again lots of bad guys I didn't really know.
c. Changing Deadshot's look was a bad idea.

4. Teen Titans and Legion Lost.
N.O.W.H.E.R.E. did noting for the series.  H.I.V.E from the old 52 revamped would have been better.  Again there were lots of bad guys we didn't know and were not convincing enough to want to read them.  Had they not been canceled, I would eventually stop buying the titles.
5. Stormwatch.  
They did too many course corrections for me to catch up to the title.  Adding new mainstream DC heroes such as Lobo and The Wierd too late to save the title.

The list below lists the Teams still around as of May 2014 Solicitations.  

Teams left Standing in May 2014
EARTH 2 #23

As you can see there is a pattern to what is left.  

Each title has a connection to other titles listed here or in the DC Universe. 

Ponder what I have said.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More on DC May Solicits

May looks very interesting in many ways.

1. For the first time that I can recall, DC has two weekly books.  The last time they had that was Wednesday Funnies, before that was 52.  I think they have got the hang of it now, but we will see.

2. The Movement goes the way of the Green Team, and all of the other books that didn't have much of a past in the DC Universe.  Team books at DC do not do well.  The only two that have had issues over 100 are Justice League of America and The Legion of Super-Heroes.  All other teams have failed to do as well.  The only possible exceptions was New Teen Titans.

3.Aquaman and The Others will be in their second month.  I hope the fan interest will keep this title alive.   I am a fan of the team and the concept.

4. Futures End looks like is a title I want to check out because it is a way for DC to give the fans a more coherent Futurescape.  But time will tell.

The links below are what other people have to say.

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May DC comics May solicits

Wow it isn't even March yet and DC is putting up the May Solicits

Check out the link below

I could have predicted that the Movement wouldn't last long.

Lots of news on the two weeklies.

Monday, February 17, 2014


Earth 2, the title, keeps adding references.  Some subtle such as Tyler Chemicals in the Background.

Others direct..either by seeing them in person or having another hero mention the person.

As such is the case with Rex Mason.. Metamorpho being mentioned in the Earth 2 Annual.

Still think it should have been Rex Tyler the original Hourman.  Especially since he created the Miracilo pill that the new Batman uses.

Here is the DC Wiki that give you an update as to who has appeared so far.

That is all for now

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Earth Annual oooops

Why is Rex Mason of Earth 2 (metamorpho of earth 1) giving the new Batman of earth 2 Miraclo ?

When it is Rex Tyler who created the pill and becomes Hourman?

Just a thought.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Native American Heroes at DC

One bone that I have to pick with DC is that have very few Native American heroes on their pages.

The one who comes to a lot of readers minds and featured in the maxi-series 52 is Super-Chief.  The hero wasn't a chief at all.  So in that particular case.. the name was racist.  That is sad because the hero was not presented in a racist light.

Here is wikepida's list:

Here is my list of favorites:

  1. Black Condor
  2. Dawnstar
  3. Super-Chief (in the 52 maxi.. DC is you bring him back give him a better name)
  4. Arak
  5. Flying Fox
  6. Mirage
  7. Owlwoman
  8. Manitou Dawn
  9. Aztek

Both my list and the one in wikepedia are small compared to the ones for African American ones.

DC, if it wants to be more diverse, has to put more quality native American heroes.

If I am not mistaken one of  The Others, of Aquaman and the Others, is a Native American Girl.

And if DC brings back the Freedom Fighers, I would hope that they keep Black Condor as a Native American.

That is all I have on this subject for now.

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Black Superheroes at DC

In Honor of Black History month, I am posting the names of Black Superheroes at DC.

Wikepdia's list  lists every black hero that has ever appeared in DC comics.

It also lists seperately the Milestone imprint which was primarily black superheroes

The following is a list of Black superheroes at DC/Milestone who had or has their own titles Current title holders are in bold type.

  1. Amanda Waller (is getting a one shot soon)
  2. Batwing
  3. Black Lightning
  4. Cyborg (a couple of minis and one shots)*
  5. Green Lantern (John Stewart)
  6. Firestorm*
  7. Grave Digger
  8. Hardware
  9. Icon
  10. Manhattan Guardian
  11. Mister Miracle III
  12. Mister Terrific ll
  13. The Spectre II
  14. Static (short live new 52 title)
  15. Steel***
  16. Vixen**

*Current member of new 52 Justice League. ** Former member of New 53 Justice League International. *** Appeared in DC dark titles recently and is currently featured in Suicide Squad.

I want to also note that a new, yet unamed black hero was just introduced in the pages of EARTH 2. My hope is that instead of naming this young Kryptonian Superboy or Superman, DC should name him ICON.

I think that would not only keep Icon as a DC name, but to honor the Dwayne McDuffie who created Icon.

Well as you can see from the links listed above, DC and the Milestone imprint have tried to put a lot of new black heroes out there

Here is my list, after looking  at wikepidea's list I want to present a revised list of favorite black heroes.

I am not listing them as top 10 or in order of how much I like them because I want to highlight the fact that
DC has a lot of heroes that are black.  Some have already appeared in the new 52, but most have not.
The only way we can change that is to tell DC that we want to see the diversity that they have promised the readers that they will have in their books.

  1. Amanda Waller
  2. Amazing Man I and IV
  3. Aqualad II
  4. Batwing II
  5. Black Lightning I
  6. Black Spider (as a hero)
  7. Bronze Tiger (not sure the new one introduced in Red Hood and the Outlaws is black)
  8. Bumble Bee
  9. Crimson Avenger III  (not sure about the one in Earth 2 yet)
  10. Cyborg
  11. Dr. Mist
  12. Firestorm
  13. Lighting (from the now defunct JSA title)
  14. Machiste (from  Warlord)
  15. Mal Duncan (who has been many different heroes.. He should have been The Guardian)
  16. Manhattan Guardian
  17. Mister Bones
  18. Mister Terrific ll
  19. Northwind
  20. Rocket
  21. The Spectre (Crispus Allen)
  22. Steel
  23. Strix (didn't know she was black until I looked at wikepida's list)\
  24. Tattoed Man
  25. Thunder
  26. Tyroc
  27. Vixen
  28. XS
That is all I have on this subject for now.

Go Forth and Do Well


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Freedom Fighters not defending Earth in Foever Evil

The World is a Mess And no one is there to Save Us.

Dateline DC Comics.

The Justice Leagues are all gone, presumed dead.  The Teen Titian and The Doom Patrol have presumed to have perrished as well.

Who will save the world?

The Freedom Fighters are nowhere to be found.

Phantom Lady and Doll Man have been heard of since their recent case together.

The Ray seemed to have vanished long before the Crime Syndicate came to Earth

The Human Bomb that was sighted has gone as well. last we heard of Michael Taylor he was meeting with Uncle Sam.

So the question is, where are these people.

My thought is that they are presumed dead, and others will take up the mantle.

Or maybe writers are finding better villians for these guys.

I do not know.

Having been a fan of the Original Freedom Fighters, I am sad that DC can't find the right mix to make this team viable.

Enough on this rant.

Go Forth and Do Well


Freedom Fighters not in Forever Evil part 2...

Forever Evil left out the Freedom Fighters.

Did DC leave them out because of the recent set of mini dedicated to individual members?

And why did they change the names of the individual members?

Maybe we should examine the 3 Pre New 52 series to see if there is any indcation as to why the New 52 Change.

If you look at the lists provided, you will not find a familiar name villian from the DC universe.

Add to that the fact that many of the Secret Identites were differnt than the original Group from the 70s

Sadly, if I were asked what my favortie Freedom Fighters stories, they wouldn't come from these series.

They would come from the pages of All Star Squadron and Justice League of America.

Each of series below has some sucess.

Only one was canceled.  That might be the only reason for the change of  the people yet again.

If you are not familiar with The Freedom fighters check out my reference below.

And if you want more info the team go to the DC Comics Wiki at this link

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters Vol 1 

Uncle Sam,
Human Bomb,
Phantom Lady,
The Ray,
Doll Man, and
Big Foot (who dies in issue 2),
 Black Condor,
Invisible Hood  (dies)
Red Bee 
Miss America
Father Time,

Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard,

First Strike, 
Americommando (First appearance)
Barracuda (First appearance)
Chief Justice
Lady Liberty (First appearance)
Propaganda (Dies)
Railgun (First appearance)
Spin Doctor (Dies)
Spin Doctor II 
(First appearance


The Ray
Silent Majority
Dark Ray

As you can see from my list, not one of the villians were from another part of the DC universe. So not only did the reader have to get acquainted with the new heroes, but the villians as well.  Inspite of that fact.  This series sold well enough to do another series.

Uncle Sam and The Freedom Fighters Vol 2

  • Freedom Fighters

Other Characters:
  • The Swarm (First appearance)

           Red Bee

Freedom Fighters Vol 2

Freedom Fighters
Black Condor
Human Bomb
Phantom Lady
The Ray
Uncle Sam
Guest Stars
Jester (Flashback and main story) (Dies)
Jester II
Freedom Fighters Original

Bonehead (First appearance)
Luftwaffe (First appearance)

    Fire Horse
      Tall Tree
            The Arcadian
            Jailbreakers (First appearance)
              Black Python
                Funerella (First appearance)
                  King Bullet (First appearance)
                    Mimic (First appearance)
                        Sawtooth (First appearance)