Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Freedom Fighters not defending Earth in Foever Evil

The World is a Mess And no one is there to Save Us.

Dateline DC Comics.

The Justice Leagues are all gone, presumed dead.  The Teen Titian and The Doom Patrol have presumed to have perrished as well.

Who will save the world?

The Freedom Fighters are nowhere to be found.

Phantom Lady and Doll Man have been heard of since their recent case together.

The Ray seemed to have vanished long before the Crime Syndicate came to Earth

The Human Bomb that was sighted has gone as well. last we heard of Michael Taylor he was meeting with Uncle Sam.

So the question is, where are these people.

My thought is that they are presumed dead, and others will take up the mantle.

Or maybe writers are finding better villians for these guys.

I do not know.

Having been a fan of the Original Freedom Fighters, I am sad that DC can't find the right mix to make this team viable.

Enough on this rant.

Go Forth and Do Well