Saturday, February 8, 2014

DC Heroes Lost and Presumed Dead

DC Holds several pre New 52 Heroes Captive

Feb 7th, 2014, Albuquerque, NM.

The Crime Syndicate (CS)  has been holding members of the Justice Leagues hostage in the pages of Forever Evil.

Unknown to readers the management at DC is secret ally of the CS. They are holding all of the following people in some deep dark Place.

All kidding aside, I have to let you know which heroes I think the New 52 should bring into the fold.

The list is a follows:

1. Spy Smasher.  Not the the one from the 40s.  The one who was featured in Birds of Prey.  Consult the link noted here for more info:

2. Bulleteer.   This Grant Morrison creation was a part of his Seven Soldiers group of mini-series.
For more info on her, consult the following link:  I could add Bulletman and BulletGirl to the list, but I think Bulleteer has a better chance of joining the new 52.

3. IBIS, The Invincible.  The last version was seen in  Helmet of Fate #1: Ibis.  Earlier versions can be seen in the Justice League and even Shazam titles.  For more info Consult the following links:

4. Minute Man.  The last time I recall seeing this hero was in the pages of Pre 52 Justice League.  I am not sure how this guy could fit in.  He could even be a missguided hero.  Even an Anti terror hero.  For more info on this hero go to this link:

5. Mr Scarlet and Pinky.  This Fawcett rip off of Batman and could easily be revised to be something more.  The fact that they were supposed to give the impression that they were connected to satan could be exploited even better than it had been in the 40s.   What to get to know more about them?  Consult the follwoing link:

10. Air Wave.  I find him interesting because his powers have much more potential than he was given before. I am not speaking of the 4o's version, but the one with super powers.

11. Mr America.   Another hero, like Bulleteer, who was updated for the times.  He showed up in the pre New 52 page of JSA, and then vanished like the old 52.  Check out the attached wiki Bio to see more about this guy,  

12. Son of Vulcan.  This hero has lots of potential.  For more info on both versions of this hero check out the links here: 

13.  Nightshade:  This mistress of the dark was all over the place in the old 52.  Not one side of her so far.

14.  Catman.  Hero or not.  I liked him best when he used them on his fellow villians in Villians United.  He also was a member of the Secret Six.  Granted sales must have went way down on that title, but I think that had more to do with the writers getting away from what mad the team cool.
Here is more info about Catman and the Secret Six   
Secret Six

15. Black Condor . The last time this guy was seen was pre new 52. My wish that they don't change his ethnic background or costume.  The Freedom Fighters didn't go down in sales because of the heros. It went down because of the lack of interesting villians.  For more info on Black Condor consult the Links that follow:

16. Dolphin.  A very little used female hero that could be revamped like Aquaman was.  Granted she had no real super powers other than being able to swim and breath like a fish, but she could be revamp to become a more appealing heroine. It would probably have to be someone new considering the fact that she was a Black Lantern.  Here is more info on her:

That is all I have for now.  I just realized that there are many many more that are missing.  When I started this, I thought it would be short and simple.  It has turned out to be a much bigger list than I originally thought.

I will be creating another post with other heroes missing and presumed lost soon.

Until till next time.

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