Thursday, February 13, 2014

Native American Heroes at DC

One bone that I have to pick with DC is that have very few Native American heroes on their pages.

The one who comes to a lot of readers minds and featured in the maxi-series 52 is Super-Chief.  The hero wasn't a chief at all.  So in that particular case.. the name was racist.  That is sad because the hero was not presented in a racist light.

Here is wikepida's list:

Here is my list of favorites:

  1. Black Condor
  2. Dawnstar
  3. Super-Chief (in the 52 maxi.. DC is you bring him back give him a better name)
  4. Arak
  5. Flying Fox
  6. Mirage
  7. Owlwoman
  8. Manitou Dawn
  9. Aztek

Both my list and the one in wikepedia are small compared to the ones for African American ones.

DC, if it wants to be more diverse, has to put more quality native American heroes.

If I am not mistaken one of  The Others, of Aquaman and the Others, is a Native American Girl.

And if DC brings back the Freedom Fighers, I would hope that they keep Black Condor as a Native American.

That is all I have on this subject for now.

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