Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More on DC May Solicits

May looks very interesting in many ways.

1. For the first time that I can recall, DC has two weekly books.  The last time they had that was Wednesday Funnies, before that was 52.  I think they have got the hang of it now, but we will see.

2. The Movement goes the way of the Green Team, and all of the other books that didn't have much of a past in the DC Universe.  Team books at DC do not do well.  The only two that have had issues over 100 are Justice League of America and The Legion of Super-Heroes.  All other teams have failed to do as well.  The only possible exceptions was New Teen Titans.

3.Aquaman and The Others will be in their second month.  I hope the fan interest will keep this title alive.   I am a fan of the team and the concept.

4. Futures End looks like is a title I want to check out because it is a way for DC to give the fans a more coherent Futurescape.  But time will tell.

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