Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Freedom Fighters not in Forever Evil part 2...

Forever Evil left out the Freedom Fighters.

Did DC leave them out because of the recent set of mini dedicated to individual members?

And why did they change the names of the individual members?

Maybe we should examine the 3 Pre New 52 series to see if there is any indcation as to why the New 52 Change.

If you look at the lists provided, you will not find a familiar name villian from the DC universe.

Add to that the fact that many of the Secret Identites were differnt than the original Group from the 70s

Sadly, if I were asked what my favortie Freedom Fighters stories, they wouldn't come from these series.

They would come from the pages of All Star Squadron and Justice League of America.

Each of series below has some sucess.

Only one was canceled.  That might be the only reason for the change of  the people yet again.

If you are not familiar with The Freedom fighters check out my reference below.

And if you want more info the team go to the DC Comics Wiki at this link

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters Vol 1 

Uncle Sam,
Human Bomb,
Phantom Lady,
The Ray,
Doll Man, and
Big Foot (who dies in issue 2),
 Black Condor,
Invisible Hood  (dies)
Red Bee 
Miss America
Father Time,

Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard,

First Strike, 
Americommando (First appearance)
Barracuda (First appearance)
Chief Justice
Lady Liberty (First appearance)
Propaganda (Dies)
Railgun (First appearance)
Spin Doctor (Dies)
Spin Doctor II 
(First appearance


The Ray
Silent Majority
Dark Ray

As you can see from my list, not one of the villians were from another part of the DC universe. So not only did the reader have to get acquainted with the new heroes, but the villians as well.  Inspite of that fact.  This series sold well enough to do another series.

Uncle Sam and The Freedom Fighters Vol 2

  • Freedom Fighters

Other Characters:
  • The Swarm (First appearance)

           Red Bee

Freedom Fighters Vol 2

Freedom Fighters
Black Condor
Human Bomb
Phantom Lady
The Ray
Uncle Sam
Guest Stars
Jester (Flashback and main story) (Dies)
Jester II
Freedom Fighters Original

Bonehead (First appearance)
Luftwaffe (First appearance)

    Fire Horse
      Tall Tree
            The Arcadian
            Jailbreakers (First appearance)
              Black Python
                Funerella (First appearance)
                  King Bullet (First appearance)
                    Mimic (First appearance)
                        Sawtooth (First appearance)