Thursday, February 13, 2014

Black Superheroes at DC

In Honor of Black History month, I am posting the names of Black Superheroes at DC.

Wikepdia's list  lists every black hero that has ever appeared in DC comics.

It also lists seperately the Milestone imprint which was primarily black superheroes

The following is a list of Black superheroes at DC/Milestone who had or has their own titles Current title holders are in bold type.

  1. Amanda Waller (is getting a one shot soon)
  2. Batwing
  3. Black Lightning
  4. Cyborg (a couple of minis and one shots)*
  5. Green Lantern (John Stewart)
  6. Firestorm*
  7. Grave Digger
  8. Hardware
  9. Icon
  10. Manhattan Guardian
  11. Mister Miracle III
  12. Mister Terrific ll
  13. The Spectre II
  14. Static (short live new 52 title)
  15. Steel***
  16. Vixen**

*Current member of new 52 Justice League. ** Former member of New 53 Justice League International. *** Appeared in DC dark titles recently and is currently featured in Suicide Squad.

I want to also note that a new, yet unamed black hero was just introduced in the pages of EARTH 2. My hope is that instead of naming this young Kryptonian Superboy or Superman, DC should name him ICON.

I think that would not only keep Icon as a DC name, but to honor the Dwayne McDuffie who created Icon.

Well as you can see from the links listed above, DC and the Milestone imprint have tried to put a lot of new black heroes out there

Here is my list, after looking  at wikepidea's list I want to present a revised list of favorite black heroes.

I am not listing them as top 10 or in order of how much I like them because I want to highlight the fact that
DC has a lot of heroes that are black.  Some have already appeared in the new 52, but most have not.
The only way we can change that is to tell DC that we want to see the diversity that they have promised the readers that they will have in their books.

  1. Amanda Waller
  2. Amazing Man I and IV
  3. Aqualad II
  4. Batwing II
  5. Black Lightning I
  6. Black Spider (as a hero)
  7. Bronze Tiger (not sure the new one introduced in Red Hood and the Outlaws is black)
  8. Bumble Bee
  9. Crimson Avenger III  (not sure about the one in Earth 2 yet)
  10. Cyborg
  11. Dr. Mist
  12. Firestorm
  13. Lighting (from the now defunct JSA title)
  14. Machiste (from  Warlord)
  15. Mal Duncan (who has been many different heroes.. He should have been The Guardian)
  16. Manhattan Guardian
  17. Mister Bones
  18. Mister Terrific ll
  19. Northwind
  20. Rocket
  21. The Spectre (Crispus Allen)
  22. Steel
  23. Strix (didn't know she was black until I looked at wikepida's list)\
  24. Tattoed Man
  25. Thunder
  26. Tyroc
  27. Vixen
  28. XS
That is all I have on this subject for now.

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