Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DC Comics 11-25-2014 News

Wonder Woman Movie gets a Female Director:  Michelle MacLaren.  She is not real well known, but if you look at her credentials you will see that she should be able to create a great movie.

DC Announces more CONVERGENCE titles



Hollywood has been flirting with making a Wonder Woman for decades.  The main reason being they didn't want to blow it.  We need only go back to disasters such as the Supergirl movie and the Catwoman movie to see that Hollywood did not get it right.  One thing that Marvel has done is to set the bar high.  DC has to make great movies that stick to the scripts, and not goofy movies that have lame villains.

2. CONVERGENCE titles.

The more I see of them, the more I like the idea of them.  DC is pulling out great concepts along with many of the great creators.  At the same time they are throwing in the kitchen sink with the Multiverse coming into play.  I am very happy to see TITANS, and NEW TEEN TITANS.  THE JUSTICE LEAGUE and SUPERBOY AND THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES are also sweet titles coming as well.  I have to say that they got me.  I want to see these titles even if it is just for two months.

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Go Forth and Do Well


DC Comics News for 11-24-2014

Lots of news to report as of late.

1.  NBC is putting the brakes on Constantine.  The Dark DC drama could come back for a second season.  It could be because of the 9 PM timeslot, and DC Fan base  not hooking up.

2.  DC Announced its February Solicits.  The Link below gives readers details of what is to come.

3.  DC has also announced more titles for CONVERGENCE  DC's April May Event.  Links below give you more details.

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To be continued...

Go Forth and Do Well..