Wednesday, January 16, 2013

May's new DC take

As I said in a couple of prior posts, DC is dropping  I, Vampire and DC Universe Presents.

The following is further exploration of what may come out in May.  I will do this by reviewing Newsarama's choices, by talking about what DC has already hinted, and by making my own recommendations.

Newsarama's Choices

1. New Gods.  Any revial of a Kirby title is something I would enjoy.  The fact that Orion is being featured in Wonder Woman does give this title some steam, but I really think that DC is going to wait until sales figures show that it could happen.

2. The Atom.  Both the old Atom (Ray Palmer) and the New Atom (Ryan Choi) had been mentioned in the New 52.  Ray was featured in the now canceled title Frankenstein, Agent of Shade. I don't think it is likely that The Atom is going to be one of the titles.

3.Lobo.  He has appeared in Deathstroke. So him coming back is possible. But I don't think that the time is right to give him a title.

4.The Creeper.  He is one of my favorite characters. I would love to see him in a book, but I think DC has to find the right writer and artist to make a viable title for him.  Plus I would rather have him appear somewhere else first.

5. The Doom Patrol.  Niles Caulder is currently in Ravagers so it is possible that a version of the Doom Patrol could follow.  I think it is really dependent upon Ravagers becoming successful.  In my mind they are not there yet.

6. Blue Devil.  Why newsarama?  He is just finishing a story with Black Lighting in DC Universe Presents, a title that being canceled in April.  I don't think it likely.

7.The Losers. The first question is what version. The second question is why would DC devote resources to either version when both were canceled?

8.Shadow Cabinet. This a good idea, but I think that the team should be introduced in several other magazines first.  My reason behind that is that a lot of us didn't embrace Static Shock either.

9.Sun Devils. Not that memorable.

10.Kamandi. As much as I would like to see this title, I don't think DC is ready to do this one.

What I think DC is going to Do.

1. New Teen Titans title.  A Raven lead Titans title has already been announced, so I think that would be next.

2. Not a real clue, but Freedom Fighters ( The Ray, Phantom Lady, and Human Bomb), The Doom Patrol (My Greatest Adventure and Ravagers), all have been building in various titles.

What I hope they will Do.

1. The New Teen Titans title.

2. Freedom Fighters title.

3. Either a Doom Patrol title or New Gods.

That is all I have for now.

Go forth and do well.