Friday, November 27, 2015

Freedom Fighters Fit Best in a Nazi Earth

copyright DC Comics, 1977,
I have been of a fan of the Freedom Fighters since I first saw them in the 1970's in the pages of  Justice League. ( .

I admit I did like the series that came after, but I secretly wanted to see world of WW2 that was presented in the pages of Justice League.

Freedom Fighters has been in 6 titles and guest starred in Batman: Brave and the Bold, but a sustained ongoing title hasn't taken.

Justice Society, however, has thrived because it found a new niche as Earth 2.  My thought is that straying away from the Nazi occupied Earth has taken away the originality of the team.  Even the recent PLASTIC MAN AND THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS failed to truly touch upon the coolness of what used to be Quality Comics.

I propose that DC do what it did with ALL STAR SQUADRON: create an Earth with version of Earth where versions of Fawcett, Quality, Charlton, Quality, and possibly Milestone heroes battle to save an occupied Earth.  

Fawcett superheros, like the Quality heroes, have a better fit with a WW2 world. Spy Smasher, Minute Man, and Mr. Scarlet could be a great fit for an embattled world.

I would be cool to see Freedom Fighters in a new light.

to be Continued..

Go forth Do well  Shane.