Thursday, April 30, 2015

Justice League of America in the 1970s: What Set It Apart From The Rest

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA was hands down my favorite comic book in the 1970s.

There only a few issues that I didn't love. Artists such as Dick Giordano, Rich Buckler,  and Dick Dilliin, and many others it visually pleasing.

Writers such as Len Wein, Denny O'Neil,  Elliot S. Maggin, and Gerry Conway also wrote great stories that made we want to come back for more.

The one thing that made many of the books fun was the fact that they were divided into segments of subgroups of the team in many of the issues.  And each of those segments featured each Hero's logo at the beginning of it. 

It was a cool way to segment the stories, and it gave readers a way to identify which heroes that starred in them.

The only other book at the time that did that was BRAVE AND THE BOLD ( a team up book starring BATMAN and other Heroes).  Sadly that feature is gone.

The attached link gives you examples from JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA (JLA)  #112.  I also pick this issue because it feature's The JLA's android enemy AMAZO.  Granted he is no ULTRON, but both plagued their respective enemies throughout the teams's existences.

DISCLAIMER:  Justice League of America, and all heroes names withing the link are Owned by DC Comics, All rights reserved.  

I says this because I do not know if the sight got permission from DC. 

 I am using the link to demonstrate what was being done back then.  I encourage all who want to read these issues to go to any of the sites that allow you to download copies of these stories.  A plus to that is that most of the stories are stand alones that you don't really need to read previous issues.  JLA 112 goes for 1.99 plus tax on COMIXOLOGY.

Without further adieu, here is that link I promised you.


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Monday, April 27, 2015

A Must See Episode of DC All Access

I have made it know before that I feel that DC All Access is one of the best sources of DC News.

This one is a fantastic one at that.

Enjoy the clips and news on this one.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Zatanna VS Scarlet Witch

Ironically both Zatanna and Scarlet Witch are being highlighted in the months of April and May.

Zatanna in Convergence as a part of all female Justice League and Scarlet Witch as a part of the movie: AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON.

Below is a spreadsheet that shows that both heroines have a lot in common with each other.

Both have a long history with their respective team.

Both have been members of other teams.

Both have a long connection to their teams and affiliates of their respective teams.

Both were introduced in the 1960s.


  1. Their Fathers.
             a.  Zatanna's father had been around since the 1938, But most people who would not know John                       Zatara.

            b. Magneto, Scarlet Witch's father has been around since 1963, AND has been a major Villain in                     the Marvel Universe.

2.  Their Beginnings.

          a.  Zatanna, unless the influence of someone or something else, has always been a Heroine. She has                   also proved herself to be a leader in JL Dark.

         b.  Scarlet Witch was a villainess to start and has strayed to the dark side more than once.

Below is a little more detail on these two.

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ZatannaScarlet Witch
First AppearanceHawkman #4 Oct/Nov 1964X-Men #4, March 1964
First Appearance on TeamJLA #67 , Feb 1967Avengers #16 (May 1965)
Joined teamJla #161, dec 1978Avengers #16 (May 1965)
Other TeamsJL DarkAvengers Unity
Seven SoldiersBrotherhood of Evil Mutants
Sentinels of MagicLady Liberators
West Coast Avengers
Secret Defenders
Force Works
CousinZachary Zatara

Monday, April 13, 2015

DC's Speedsters VS Marvel's

Avengers: Age of Ultron features Marvel's Main Speedster: Quicksilver. Quicksilver has been Marvel's equivalent to Barry Allen.

Here is a list of the major speedsters for both companies.  Each Hero has a link for more info.

Please note that both the companies that now make up DC (Quality and DC Comics) came out with speedsters a year before Golden age Marvel (Timely).

Also note that Barry Allen Flash pre dates Marvel's Quicksilver by 8 years.

Also note that public domain took the ability for DC to use the Quicksilver name which it had rights to since 1940 when Marvel Debuted Quicksilver in 1964.

Also note that Johnny Quick and Whizzer have evil versions on alternate realities of their respective universes.

Without further adieu, here is my list of the major speedsters in DC and Marvel. 


JOHNNY QUICK, More Fun Comics 41, Sep 1941

THE GOLDEN AGE FLASH, Flash Comics 1, January 1940

MAX MERCURY (FORMERLY QUICKSILVER), National Comics 5, Nov 1940 (a part of Quality Comics 5, Nov 1940)

SILVER AGE and Modern DC

The Flash, Showcase 4, October 1956



The Whizzer, USA Comics, Aug 1941

SILVER AGE and Modern Marvel

Quicksilver, X Men #4, March 1964 

More on this topic soon.

Next Article is the maids of Magic for DC and Marvel

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

A list DC Comics Evil robots

"Avengers: Age of Ultron" introduces moviegoers to Marvel's ultimate robot evil, and to The Vision.

Ultron first appeared in Avengers 54, July 1968.  The Vision first appeared in Avengers October of 1968.

As you will see from the following list, DC had many of its evil androids and robots long before Marvel.  You will note that Mister Atom was created in 1948.

One would also conclude that there are many similarities between Brainiac and Ultron.  This includes when DC made Brainiac more robotic in the 1980s. Both have threatened their Comic company's main teams, and both have been formidable threats to mankind.

Vision and Red Tornado too had similarities, but that is no longer the case.  DC has altered Red Tornado over the years to make him very different from Vision.  That was not the case when they were both introduced as Androids.  Please remember that both were using Golden Age Hero names, both of which were not Androids.

A small list of DC Evil Androids and Robots.
  1. Amazo, First Appearance: Brave and the Bold 30, June 1960
  2. Brainiac, First Appearance Action Comics 242. July 1958
  3. Brimstone, Legends, November 1986
  4. Brother Eye, First Appearance, OMAC, July-August 1975
  5. Chemo, Showcase 39. 1962
  6. The Construct, JLA 1977
  7. Cumputo, First Appearance, Action Comics 340, 1966
  8. Eradicator, Action Comics 1989
  9. Manhunters, Justice League of America 1977
  10. Mister Atom, First Appearance, Captain Marvel Adventures, 1948
  11. Pulsar Stargrave, LSH 1977
  12. Red Tornado, Justice League of America 64, 1968
  13. Shaggy Man, Justice League, Jla 1966
  14. Ultivac, Challengers of the Unknown
There are more than on this list but each of these have been in multiple stories in the DC Universe.

Brainiac and Brother Eye (who was not originally evil), both were main villains in "New 52: Future's End".  Both creating havoc for most of the last year.  Ironically both would be great villains for either of the Justice League movies.

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