Thursday, April 30, 2015

Justice League of America in the 1970s: What Set It Apart From The Rest

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA was hands down my favorite comic book in the 1970s.

There only a few issues that I didn't love. Artists such as Dick Giordano, Rich Buckler,  and Dick Dilliin, and many others it visually pleasing.

Writers such as Len Wein, Denny O'Neil,  Elliot S. Maggin, and Gerry Conway also wrote great stories that made we want to come back for more.

The one thing that made many of the books fun was the fact that they were divided into segments of subgroups of the team in many of the issues.  And each of those segments featured each Hero's logo at the beginning of it. 

It was a cool way to segment the stories, and it gave readers a way to identify which heroes that starred in them.

The only other book at the time that did that was BRAVE AND THE BOLD ( a team up book starring BATMAN and other Heroes).  Sadly that feature is gone.

The attached link gives you examples from JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA (JLA)  #112.  I also pick this issue because it feature's The JLA's android enemy AMAZO.  Granted he is no ULTRON, but both plagued their respective enemies throughout the teams's existences.

DISCLAIMER:  Justice League of America, and all heroes names withing the link are Owned by DC Comics, All rights reserved.  

I says this because I do not know if the sight got permission from DC. 

 I am using the link to demonstrate what was being done back then.  I encourage all who want to read these issues to go to any of the sites that allow you to download copies of these stories.  A plus to that is that most of the stories are stand alones that you don't really need to read previous issues.  JLA 112 goes for 1.99 plus tax on COMIXOLOGY.

Without further adieu, here is that link I promised you.


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