Monday, January 14, 2013

April Solicits...Another one Bites the Dust

Here is what I see from the the Solicits:

1. DC Universe Presents Ends it Run at Number 19.  That means the line will be down to 51 again.
I have not seen what will replace it yet, but hopefully it will be good

2. Something building. If you look at the solicit you will also see that some things are starting to build.

3. Cool Covers.  If you are fan of cool covers, April is the month to pick them up.  Many of the titles have variant fold out covers. I like them because it makes the cover a lot grander.

Here are two sites that have the full listing.


If you prefer to get it straight from DC, then go to the link below.  It gives you each of the DC groups separately

That is all for now.

Go Forth and Do Well.