Friday, February 21, 2014

What my Freedom Fighters would look like, if I got to write the title

It is many a fan boy's dream to write a comic about their Favorite Hero.

Mine is to write The Freedom Fighters.

Since I first saw them in the pages of the Justice League, I have longed to write just even one story about that team.

First my team would look like the graph below:

Uncle Sam (The Original)
Black Condor (John Trujillo )
The Ray (Lucien Gates)
The Phantom Lady (Stormy Knight)
The Ray (Ray Terrill)
The Red Bee (Jenna Raleigh)
Doll Man (Lester Colt)
Miss America (Joan Dale)
Invisible Hood (a black female)*
Captain Triumph (the Female Version)
Plastic Man
Max Mercury
Magno (from Uncle Sam and FF)
Unlike Roy Thomas, I would only use the original Quality Comics heroes.

Just for your info, I am providing the list below of heroes and different eras that are eligible for the make up of the team.

I am listing all the time periods in which Quality Heroes have appeared.  Included the Justice League Lady Luck that Geoff Johns announced would be joining the Justice League.

Golden Age Appearances-non DC
711 (Quality Comics)
Black Condor
Blackhawk (DC Comics)
Blue Tracer
Bozo the Iron Man
Captain Triumph
Clock (comics)
Doll Girl
Doll Man
Firebrand (DC Comics)
Human Bomb
Invisible Hood
Jester (Quality Comics)
Kid Eternity
Lady Luck (comics)
Madame Fatal
Magno (Quality Comics)
Manhunter (comics)
Max Mercury
Merlin the Magician (comics)
Midnight (DC Comics)
Miss America (DC Comics)
Miss Fear (comics)
Mouthpiece (comics)
Neon the Unknown
Phantom Lady
Plastic Man
Ray (comics)
Red Bee (comics)
Red Torpedo (Jim Lockhart)
Spider (DC Comics)
Spider Widow
Uncle Sam (comics)
Stormy Foster, The Great Defender
Wildfire (Carol Vance Martin)
Wonder Boy (comics)
JLA 107 1973All-Star Squadron
Black Condor Richard Grey, Jr. (alias Tom Wright) Black Condor (Richard Grey, Jr./Thomas Wright)
Doll Man - Darrel DaneDoll Man (Darrell Dane)
Human Bomb- Roy LincolnFirebrand (Rod Reilly)
Phantom Lady -Sandra KnightFirebrand (Rod Reilly)
Ray -Langford "Happy" TerrillFirebrand (Danette Reilly)
Uncle Sam Human Bomb (Roy Lincoln)
Invisible Hood (Kent Thurston)
Jester (Chuck Lane)
Magno (Tom Dalton)
Manhunter (Dan Richards)
Midnight (Dave Clark)
Miss America (Joan Dale-Trevor)
Neon the Unknown (Tom Corbet)
Phantom Lady (Sandra Knight)
Plastic Man (Patrick "Eel" O'Brian)
Ray (Lanford "Happy" Terrill)
Red Bee (Rick Raleigh)
Red Torpedo (Jim Lockhart)
Uncle Sam
Our Worlds at WarBrave New World
DamageDoll Man (Lester Colt)
Iron MunroThe Human Bomb (Andy Franklin)
Black Condor (Ryan Kendall)The Phantom Lady (Stormy Knight)
Phantom Lady (Dee Tyler)The Ray (Stan Silver)
The Ray (Ray Terrill)Black Condor (John Trujillo )
Uncle SamUncle Sam
The Human Bomb (Roy Lincoln)Invisible Hood (Ken Thurston)
The Red Bee (Jenna Raleigh)
Miss America (Joan Dale)
The Ray (Ray Terrill)
Father Time (Black man )
The Jester (Charles Lane)
Captain Triumph
New 52New 52-Earth 2
Doll Man (Dane Maxwell)Red Torpedo (Jim Lockhart)
The Human Bomb (Michael Taylor)Stormy Foster, The Great Defender
Phantom Lady (Jennifer Knight)
The Ray (Lucien Gates)
Uncle Sam (a black man)
Forever EvilJustice League-New 52
Plastic ManLady Luck
As you can see, DC has tried time and time again to put out a Freedom Fighters team that will have staying power.  I don't think changing the Secret Identity of the heroes is always the way to get new readers.

The exceptions to that rule are John Truillo (Black Condor) and Lucein Gates (The Ray) because they add the diversity that the team sorely needed.  Especially for a team that truly is an American Superhero team.

Well that is all I have to say about that.

Go Forth and Do Well