Friday, February 21, 2014

Freedom Fighters Update

The Freedom Fighters are still not free.

The New 52 has given us just 3 Connected Mini-Series.

So far the membership (as shown in Issue 4 of The Human Bomb) is noted on the chart below:

New 52
Doll Man (Dane Maxwell)
The Human Bomb (Michael Taylor)
Phantom Lady (Jennifer Knight)
The Ray (Lucien Gates)
Uncle Sam (a black man)
As you may know, the secret identities have changed again from the original team that was introduced in 1973 In Justice League of America 107.  That membership is listed Below.

JLA 107 1973
Black Condor Richard Grey, Jr. (alias Tom Wright)
Doll Man - Darrel Dane
Human Bomb- Roy Lincoln
Phantom Lady -Sandra Knight
Ray -Langford "Happy" Terrill
Uncle Sam 
I can understand changing The Ray to Lucien Gates because he is an Asian-American. That addition makes the team more diverse. More American than the original team in the 70s.

Plastic Man, who I believe should be in the Freedom Fighters, is the only other Quality hero to get new stories since the 1970s.

I will admit that the All-Star Squadron stories are the one notable exception. But even then, a quality Hero got a new Identity.  That one being Firebrand who was named after Writer Roy Thomas' wife Dananette.

So here is a list of the member in All Star Squadron.  I am not using Hourman in this list because He was and is a DC hero.

All-Star Squadron
Black Condor (Richard Grey, Jr./Thomas Wright)
Doll Man (Darrell Dane)
Firebrand (Rod Reilly)
Firebrand (Rod Reilly)
Firebrand (Danette Reilly)
Human Bomb (Roy Lincoln)
Invisible Hood (Kent Thurston)
Jester (Chuck Lane)
Magno (Tom Dalton)
Manhunter (Dan Richards)
Midnight (Dave Clark)
Miss America (Joan Dale-Trevor)
Neon the Unknown (Tom Corbet)
Phantom Lady (Sandra Knight)
Plastic Man (Patrick "Eel" O'Brian)
Ray (Lanford "Happy" Terrill)
Red Bee (Rick Raleigh)
Red Torpedo (Jim Lockhart)
Uncle Sam
Another opportunity to add diversity to the Team was in 1996 when DC put out a new Firebrand title with Alex Sanchez being the secret Identity.  But he was killed off in JSA Secret Files #2.

Just a recap and to add additional info regarding New 52 appearances of Quality / Freedom Fighters heroes:

New 52New 52-Earth 2
Doll Man (Dane Maxwell)Red Torpedo (Jim Lockhart)
The Human Bomb (Michael Taylor)Stormy Foster, The Great Defender
Phantom Lady (Jennifer Knight)
The Ray (Lucien Gates)
Uncle Sam (a black man)
Forever EvilJustice League
Plastic ManLady Luck

It is nice to see DC putting the heroes out there.  I just wish that more well know bad guys like The Calculator were going up against them.

That is all for this update.

My Next post will be regarding who I think should be on the New 52 Freedom Fighters.

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