Monday, December 10, 2012

Simone leaving Batgirl--My take on it.

Gail Simone No Longer DC's BATGIRL Writer

The full story is on the link below.

Now My take:

Let me get this straight.
 Batgirl is a title that is a solid performer in sales. Due in a large part to the excellent writing of Gail Simone. So I am baffled why they are dropping her from the title without a real reason why.

Granted I am a big fan of Simone's writing.  Her writing on "Birds of Prey" clearly defined how you do a female super-hero group.  

To be honest, I do not read "Batgirl".  I read "Batwoman".  I have more interested in Batwoman since DC reintroduced the character.  I just felt that my buy pile had only one space for a Batman related female.

That being said, I have also heard good things about the Batgirl title.  Things that, if Batwoman's title were not around, would make me read Batgirl.

Maybe DC is looking for more of an audience for this title.  I am not sure changing writers is going to do that.

I also think that they should have waited until after the "Death of the Family" crossover to make a change.

The cross over would lots of people a chance to check out the title.  It could have increased it's audience, or maybe not.

I guess time will tell.

I really think DC should have done things in such a way that Simone was happier with the change.  As it is, the change is posted all over the Internet long before DC announces it to the readers.

Something to think about.

Go Forth and Do Well.