Monday, December 31, 2012

DC Comics 2012 Review

Another year is over for all of us.

If you are a DC fan, 2012 was good one.

My Top Ten Favorite titles of 2012 were the following

1. THE OTHERS story line in Aquaman. It not only added back story to Arthur Curry, it drew me to a title that I hadn't been reading prior to that story line.

2. Justice League. That is all I need to say.  The Flagship title leads the charge and takes no prisoners.

3. Earth 2. Being a big fan of  The Golden Age DC characters, I love Robinson's take on them.

4. Sword of Sorcery

5. DC Universe Presents. This title gives me my "First Issue Special" and "Showcase" fix that has not been filed for years.

6. Birds of Prey

7. Red Hood and the Outlaws

8. Suicide Squad

9. Green Lantern

10. Red Lanterns

My Top 10 Disappointments of 2012

1. Frankenstein, Agent of Shade.  The art and the stories drove me away from the title.  I loved the old Spawn of Frankenstein series, but I have never really liked the idea of "Shade".  I am, however,  starting to like his addition to Justice League Dark.  We will all see if he works out in that title.

2. National Comics.  There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to who they introduced.  The constant draw of First issues only panders to collectors who buy comics only to make money off of them.

3. Justice League International. I really had hoped for old DC villains to show up in that title, but all we got is villains that seemed like they were rejected by Marvel.

4. Hawk and Dove. Bought every single issue, but the stories seemed to be lacking something that I never could put my finger on.

5. Mister Terrific- I had hoped for better stories on this title, but was left wanting more.

6. The Freedom Fighter's titles: The Ray, The Phantom Lady and Doll Man, and The Human Bomb.  I liked the new physical take on them, but the villains just don't appeal to me.  I feel, that knowing about what quality had to offer in terms of names of villains, that that DC could had done better.

I also enjoyed the following story regarding 2012 on the Newsarama, the link is below

Comic Book Resources is doing there top 100 comics of 2012. The link listed below:

Comic Vine doesn't seem to have a review for 2012.

2013 Looks promising for the following reasons:

1. Justice League of America
2. Threshold
3. Justice League "Trinity War"
4. The Bat Titles finishing up the "Death of the Family" story line.
5. Earth 2 continues to evolve with the introduction of Fury and other new version of the Earth 2 heroes.
6. Earth 2 continues to evolved with the re-introduction of Golden Age villians such as Wotan.
7. Lady Luck, an old Quality comics character is getting new life.
8. Element Woman. She was introduced in FLASHPOINT in 2011  Who seems to be based on Element Girl,a fictional DC Comics superhero who first appeared in Metamorpho#10 (Jan-Feb 1967)

May plans for 2013 for this blog include the following:

1. A video version of this blog on YouTube.
2.A more in depth discussion of particular topics
3. An actual fan story of how Spider-Man is rejected by the Justice League.

That is all I have for now

Happy New Year

Go Forth and Do Well