Monday, April 29, 2013

What does DC call The New 52?

At my count, DC still only has 50 New 52 titles.

That is not saying that they, in fact, have more than 52 titles in the DC Imprint.

My wife has even said to me "Why does it matter that they have 52 titles?"

My response is that it is the new Universe that they are presenting to us.  52 books that define their, in DC's case, Multiverse.

But she is right.  As long as we have great stories coming out, we should be happy.

I bet any one of us has ideas we are dying to talk to DC about.

Sadly that is not a part of the new 52.

The only thing new about the new 52 is that they want new readers.

In an age where more kids play video games than read, it is very hard to get people plop down 2.99 for a book that has only one story. Especially when they can create their own on the video game on the screen before them.

Something to think about.

Go forth and do well.