Saturday, October 27, 2012

Freedom Fighters rant Part 3

I mentioned in a previous post the Quality Villains.

The following is a list of most of the quality villains that I could find.  Some are as lame as Funerela, some have been used by someone else, and some are quite promising.

So here they are:

Black Gondolier:
Black Shark (aka the Lone Shark):
Brick Bat:
The Crime Mayor:
Morgan Crooke/Crookes:
Cross Bow:
The Crow:
Crow, Jaspar: ,
Death Emerald:
Yvette DeMortire
The Dress Suit
Faux Black Condor
The Figure
The Fly
General Korn
Ghost Werewolf
God of Breeze
The Hag
Fraulein Halunke
Mr. Harrow
The Headsman
The Ice Demon
Jeenie with the Light Brown Harem
The Jester
Oscar Jones
Kite Men
The Knife
The Mad Poet
Man of a Thousand Faces
Dr. Marah
Mechanical Man
Mr. Fearless
Mr. Mite
Mr. Mole
Mysto Phantom Duelist
The Owl
Phantom Duelist
The Pharaoh
Professor Moray
Purple Hoods
The Robber Fly
Sapphire King
Sihn Fang
Raddo, Silas
The Skeleton
The Skull Gang
Rodney Strange
Thinking Machine
The Vulture
Witch Doctor
Yellow Scorpion

A good source for background information is the site listed below:

Friday, October 26, 2012

How I would do Freedom Fighters

Here are the 5 ways I would do a New 52 version of the Freedom Fighters:

1.  Continue to do a series of Mini-Series.  Instead of  a small link to each other, I would link the stories like Grant Morrison did with Seven Soldiers.

2.  Make the 1st Arc like the "Brave New World" re introduction.  Make a conspiracy the make like between the titles.

3. Use lesser characters from the old Quality Universe as a part of the first Arc.  By doing this, you show readers that there is more to the old universe than the Freedom Fighters.

4.Actually use old Quality universe villains. 

5.  Connect them to the DC Universe.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The re-intro of the Freedom Fighters

I have been a fan of the Quality Comics superheroes since the Freedom Fighters JLA/JSA team-up in the 1970s in the pages of JLA.

I had mixed feelings about them in their very first DC Series.

I liked them when they were a part of  the "Brave New World" titles.

But no matter what series it was, the villains were lame.

The most recent versions of the Ray and Phantom Lady are no exception.

Come on now - FUNERALA?

I know you guys can come up with a better name for a villain.

A good hero needs a good story and a good villain.

Don't get me wrong The Ray, Phantom Lady, and Doll Man are visually appealing, but it takes more than that to get readers to buy them.

More on my rants on this team in my next blog.

To include how I would have re-introduced the team to the DC Universe.