Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Media treating Justice Leauge like Avengers Wanna Be

The Media, as a whole, seems to be getting it wrong.

There seems to be a comparison of the "Avengers" movie to a potential "Justice League" movie.

I admit that Marvel has the formula to make their properties hits, but to compare the teams is a bit of reach.

I would compare The Justice Leauge to the knights of old.  Most of them wearing their Crest on them as notice to all evil doers. I would say that these people were destined to be heroes- with or without powers.

Whereas, the Avengers are people, who for whatever reason, have heroism thrust upon them. The Avengers become heroes because great power(s) have made them become heroes.

Both views are great ideas, but not the same.

So now you have my take on it.

And, before you read the link below, please realize that there was a time I read both Marvel and DC.

Both have their place, but I ultimately chose DC.

So check out the article below, please ponder what it says.

Go Forth and Do Well,