Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Forever People back in JUNE!!!

Another Kirby Creation is coming back to DC.

I am an enormus fan of the Forth World stuff that Kirby Created.  So anytime some one brings it back, I want to check it out.

So far I give the New 52 Creations a C+.

OMAC didn't really capture the spirit of what Kirby did.  I gave it a C.

The Green Team was not even close to what was done in the First Issue Special that created the title.

Darksied's and Apoklips appearances in both Earth 1 And 2 Titles get an A.

Mister Miracle and Barda are seen to little in Earth 2.  I give that a D.

Let's see what Infinity Man and The Forever People do in June.  The Link to the story is below.

Go Forth and Do Well