Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DC comic July 2014 Solcits-- What have we learned

Some Easter Eggs found in July Solicits:

1.  DC is doing Pre-orders for titles connected to Futures End.

2.  Earth 2 gets a new Superman.. Val Zod the Black Kryptoinian takes the reigns as Superman.

3.  Johns and Romita take over the Superman title.

4. Guardian appears to make his new 52 debut in Superboy.  And it looks like it could be Mal Duncan (one would hope),

5. Suicide Squad is back as the "New Suicide Squad".  Deathstroke, Black Manta, and Joker's Daughter join Deadshot and Harleyquinn.

6. Star Spangled War Stories debuts. This is not your father's Star Spangled War Stories.  We have I, Zombie.

7. The online game Infinite Crisis gets its own book.

Those are just initial observations.  We will see how things go from there.

Go forth and Do Well.