Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Gods and Crisis Connections come to light.

If you haven't read MULTIVERSITY, you should.

Grant Morrison is crafting a masterpiece once again.

Multiversity has linked itself to the end of FOREVER EVIL(FE) in that occurs in the NEW 52 Universes.

At the End of FE the Aniti-Monitor appears and talks about his coming battle with Darkseid.

At the end of GREEN LANTERN #34 High Father and the New Gods of New Genesis appear looking for the Anti-Death Equation.  The Anti-Death Equation is mentioned in MULTIVERSITY #1.

The upcoming GREEN LANTERN GODHEAD involves a battle between the Green Lantern family of titles and the New Genesis New Gods.

Anti Death sounds like it will be the issue they are concerned about.

So the next step seems to be a future conflict between The New Gods and the Aniti- Monitor over Anti-Death.

Darkseid usually being one to care more about Anti-Life, but it appears there is a battle for the new equation.

We will See.

To Be Continued.....

Go forth and do well.