Saturday, January 10, 2015

Batgirl (tv one) in the flesh

To all my fans:  I am sorry I have not posted that much recently.  A new job, the passing of an Uncle, and the passing of a Young boy who I had been following on FB have kept me rather busy.

The new Job should give me greater freedom to keep regular posts here.  It is just that when you start a job, sometimes the stress makes it hard to focus.

The passing of my Uncle had an even greater impact.  He was one of my personal heroes.  He was a veteran, a pilot for a Major Airline, and someone who helped my Dad in an extreme time of crisis.  So, needless to say, his passing had an impact on me.

Shortly after his death, a 5 year old Spiderman fan died of Cancer.  I had followed him since the original posts on FB of him meeting Spiderman in the flesh.

At the time I was going through the process of finding out if a tumor in my mouth was malignant or benign.
I was lucky.

A minor surgery removed the non cancerous tumor.

 There was hope in the world.

 I don't know why I assumed the same could be true for the child.  So 2 days after the passing of my Uncle, I found out about the boy.  A boy just 3 years older than my daughter.  Too young to die.  A fan of comics at the same age I began reading comics.  A sad loss.

Both are Heaven now, and would want me to impart my knowledge and news to you.

That being said.. here are some cool pics of my cousin and his wife with Comic Icons from TV.

My Cousin Mike with TV's Batgirl Yvonne Craig
My Cousin In-Law gets protection from TV's Hulk

More comic news soon.

Go forth and do well.


To be continued......