Friday, August 15, 2014

New 52 Report Card so Far

I am sorry to inform you Mr and Mrs DC but I have to give your Child a Overall Grade of B

New 52 has tried to excel in the short time it has existed

The following are the good things I have found it New 52's work so far:

The Good

  • The Green Lantern Titles
  • The Earth 2 Titles
  • Forever Evil
  • The Justice League Titles
  • Batman titles
  • Aquaman and the fact he has a mini family of titles.
  • Group events (i.e. Green Lantern titles events like the upcoming Green Lantern: Godhead).
  • The Dark titles.
  • Some of The Edge titles

The Bad

  • Too much experimentation (i.e. National Comics and Threshold)
  • Too many gimmicks (i.e. 52 different covers of Justice League America #1).
  • Assigning groups to different types of groups and then almost letting one of them be canceled out of existence.
  • Continuity.  Just about everyone I talk to about the New 52 are finding that there are already holes in its continuity.
  • Radical changes to old continuity (i.e. Morrison putting the 31st Century WANDERERS in the 21st Century).
  • Radically revising new Old 52 heroes on the premise that it will bring new and old readers to the revision..and finding out it did not.
There are countless other ways that the New 52 has failed to reach its potential.  They are just too many to mention in this report card.

Areas of Potential Improvement

  • The Five year Jump in October.  This brings in new creative teams to give titles a different perspective.
  • The announced expansion of the Batman titles.
  • The still unannounced Event that kicks off in April.
  • Quicker course corrections as is evidenced by JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED, TEEN TITANS, BATGIRL, AND THE NEW SUICIDE SQUAD.
  • The reintroduction of The Metal Men and The Doom Patrol in Justice League.
  • A new Group called the Unknowns is being introduced in Batwoman.

So as I said at the beginning of the Report Card, DC has earned a B.  There are many things it has done well, but I still think there is room for improvement.