Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Extreme Justice title before its time.

DC is a gritty multiverse.  You would think that a title called "Extreme Justice" would have been true to its name.

Not the case.

Check out the following link, and see for yourself:

Personally, I think that Extreme Justice fits better in to the current trend for books.

I think that if the book had a different cast, it would have been more popular.

Here are my recommendations for the perfect EXTREME JUSTICE Team:

1. Captain Atom ( the more recent version)

2. A Red Lantern (either Guy Gardner,  Rankorr-Jack Moore, or Bleez )

3. Crimson Avenger ( the one Geoff Johns created for his run on JSA)

4. The Spectre

5. Trantuala.

6. Lobo

7.  Nemesis. The Geoff Johns version of this character would be great.


Each of these Heroes has been extreme and would fit into the new team.

This team would also be able to handle some of DC's Nastiest villains.  I guarantee that in the right hands, this team would have great stories.

Just a thought.

More later.

To Be Continued....

Go forth and do well.