Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Freedom Fighters / Crusaders?

The following are the names/ characters that could be used. 

Especially if they are tweaked for the 21st Century.

Even if they aren't Freedom Fighters, DC could still do what they are doing with EARTH 2 / WORLD'S FINEST: They can be a part of a bigger group of characters that drive a niche part of the larger DC Universe.

Quicksilver/Max Mercury – maybe not someone connected to the speed force.

Red Torpedo – It would be great if they made this an android like they did before in Red Tornado

 Alias the Spider -Renamed Spyder for Seven Soldiers. A rouge archer might be a neat idea here.

Kid Eternity Just revised for National Comics in the New 52

The Clock – cool name that writers could play with.

Destiny – cool name.  May have to be tweaked because Marvel has one by the same name.

Midnight – It would be great if this one could be female. There was a Midnight in the “Checkmate” title pre-new 52.

Abdul the Arab- I like the name Abdul. Not too hot on Arab, unless he is called “The Arab” more like his own code name.

Scarlet Seal – like the name.

Joe Hercules – should just be a strong man.

Dragon- like the name

Blue Tracer – have my own ideas about this one based on the original version.

Madame Fatal – cool name

Blaze Barton   - This name has possibilities.  If as, nothing else, a great supporting Character.

Spider Widow- a name with possibilities.

Stormy Foster – Was a male, but has a great name for a superheroine.

Torchy -cool name.

Marksman- Original character was POLISH

USA   -cool name for a female .

Chic Carter – The Sword – cool idea and name.

Wonder Boy – I have a full set of cool ideas for this one, I don't want to discuss right now.  But if DC used them, it would make this character a lot more interesting than the original.

That's all for now.  More ideas soon