Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Young Justice McDonald's Happy Meal

I went to McDonald's drive earlier through today to buy breakfast.

To my surprise I found that they have a Young Justice Happy Meal.

I ordered the boy's Happy Meal expecting it to be an action figure.

All I got was a mini skateboard.

My joy turned to disappointment.  I got a lame toy for my collection.

And it further adds to the disapointment that Young Justice has been put on hiatus until January 2013.

It is clear that the licensing people fully expected that the Series would be running new episodes.

 The Happy Meals are usually tied into a toy line coming out, a movie, or a TV series. 

The only thing Young Justice right now is the comic.

That's hardly something warranting a toy tie in.

Once again TimeWarner gets it wrong for DC.

Guys I am a long time fan.

I want DC to succeed.

If you can't get it right, call me.

Go Forth And Do Well