Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pre New 52 Freedom Fighters

Listed Below are the Freedom Fighters of the Pre-New 52:

1. Ray
2. Doll Man
3. Phantom Lady
4. The Human Bomb
5. Black Condor
6. Uncle Sam

7. Firebrand
8. Invisible Hood
9. Miss America /Miss Cosmos
10. The Red Bee
11. Jester
12. Neon the Unknown
13. Magno
14. Captain Triumph

Each of these have shown up in one of the series that included the Freedom Fighters.

That includes stories published in the"The All-Star Squadron"

The question is which ones will they use again.

Here are my suggestions for the initial team:

1.The Ray- The current version because America is more than a bunch of white people, and I thought the costume was cool.

2. Doll Man- Because he is already in book setting up to it

3. Phantom Lady- Same reason as above.

4. The Human Bomb-Same reason as above.

5. Black Condor- Keep the last pre-new 52 version. He was a great character, and one of the few Native
American superheroes.

6. Uncle Sam-No Freedom Fighter team should be without him. But please look at maybe adding new powers like they did in "Batman: Brave and the Bold".

10. The Red Bee. The last version, but please don't make her a human bee again.

I have the follow suggestions for the rest of them:

7. Firebrand.  Please revert to the "All-Star Squadron". The character serves two purposes: the first being that it increases the number of females, and the second because the Roy Thomas version was better than either of the two men DC gave us.

8. Invisible Hood.  Please make this a black woman.  The one I thought she was going to be when you killed the second Invisible Hood in the second series. Again the Freedom Fighters need to reflect the true nature of America.

9. Miss America /Miss Cosmos. Drop the Miss America all-together.  Make her the cosmic heroine she finally became.

11. Jester.  With all the meta-human emphasis DC has done, I was surprised to find that his last appearance  was as a normal man.  The ability to invoke uncontrollable laughter could be a fun power.  Just a thought.

12. Neon the Unknown.  I liked his appearance in the second series. It would be nice if they could amp up his power.

13. Magno:  Loved the last version. He had a cool look.  He had great powers, but he could use some tweaking.  What if he had a very slight connection to The Legion of Super-Heroes Cosmic Boy's Planet.
Give him the first Magno balls as weapons.  I know it sounds quirky, but it makes sense if you think about it.

14. Captain Triumph.  I have always like the original premise behind this hero: the hero had a connection to to and gain his powers from his dead twin.  Don't get me wrong, I loved that fact that the last version was a woman.  I just think that DC should expand the original premise and use that to make the heroine more interesting.

So there you have it.  Ponder it. Have fun with it, more to come.

More ideas and my ultimate list of Quality villains coming up.