Tuesday, January 21, 2014

April Out with the Old.. In with the new

Final Issues in April

1. JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #14  Not really gone. Becoming JLU


Comments:  I read 4 of the 6 titles.  
Superman Unchained I didn't read because I don't read any of the Superman family titles.  
Nightwing I don't read because I only read Birds of Prey and Red Hood and the Outlaws of the Batman Family. 
The team books Had my interest, but all three of them kept tweaking with the formula and membership.  In each case I couldn't get into the villians... but I was still giving them a chance.  I guess I was one of the few who did

First Issues in April

1. BATMAN ETERNAL #1  You can't loose with a title that stars Batman.  People still get this guy.  He has more titles in his family than any other hero in the DC Universe. He also has the best villians as well.  I recommend this title.. but won't be buying it. 

2. JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED #0  This should be a good title. It explores space and Canada.  
By exploring Canada, I mean that they create more diversity in North America.  Not every hero has to be from the USA.   And not every old hero brought into the New 52 has to be American.  I like that Adam Strange will be a Canuck.  I like that at least one new heroine will be a native american Canuck.
This also has the new to old hero ratio that should succeed. So we will see if the villians and locals keep readers on this title.  This is a title I will add to my buy pile.

3. FOREVER EVIL AFTERMATH: BATMAN VS. BANE #1.  Mini series or one shot regardless it fills a hole.  Again a Batman title.  It should do well. Passing on this one.

4. SECRET ORIGINS #1.  This title has come and gone several times.  Each time the readership dwindles and it gets canceled.  I would hope that DC can get a line up that keeps readers coming back. If history serves as a measure.. this title may last 12 issues.  Will buy for at least 3 months to see how it goes.

5.AQUAMAN AND THE OTHERS #1.  I love The Others.  My hope is that Jurgens can keep this title fresh enough that others will love it too.  Let's hope others will buy this title enough that it  will continue on for years.
This is a title I will add to my buy pile.

6.SINESTRO #1.  It is about time.  The Green Lantern part the universe keeps growing.  Sinestro brings in yellow to the mix.  He will be a good addition to the titles. This is a title I will add to my buy pile.