Sunday, January 12, 2014

Justice League Comes to Albuquerque Comic Con to Save the Day

Batman, Hawkgirl, Guy Gardner, and Blue Beetle pose for me at the Albuquerque Comic Con.

 Justice League Saves the Day In Albuquerque.

Albuquerque, NM, January 11, 2014.    Batman and the rest of the Justice League come to the rescue of Convention goers at a New Mexico Comic Con.

Yes it is really Them, well sorta.  This group of fans gathered together to honor their favorite heroes.  And, like their fictional counterparts they want to help people.

This group helps local groups by raising money and giving of their time to aid the community.

The Make a Wish Foundation and The Children's Miracle Network are just a couple of the groups that benefit from the groups efforts.

 When I asked this group's Batman why they do this He said: "We just wanted to be super-heroes. and just wanted to help people"

Sounds like they are doing just that.

I won't reveal this groups secret identities.  I have to at least have the fantasy of actually meeting the Justice League.

But it you want to learn more about this group, their Facebook page is at the follwoing link:

Go Forth and Do Well,