Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rich Buckler

Rich Buckler drawing a Silver Surfer at the Albuquerque Comic Con

His art is clean and beautiful to look at.  He puts the hero in Heroic.

He being Rich Buckler.  My favorite of his work was when he drew issues of The All-Star Squadron for DC.

His art made me feel like I was back in World War II.  He brings a sense of being there to everything he draws.  That is why I will pick up a book that he draws.

Sadly many at the convention weren't flocking to his booth like they were George Perez's booth.

I say that because, like Mr. Perez, Rich is a story teller.  He shapes a story.  He quite literally wants to you feel what he is seeing.

So it was a great opportunity to talk to him.

Unfortunately it was loud at his part of the hall, and I make a rookie report mistake.... I told him he was in the top 20 of my all time favorite Artists.

Oh did I mention that I asked hime where George Perez was?

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