Saturday, January 18, 2014

DC Movies... My perspective

The following clip from Beyond the Trailer has some very good points about DC Vs. Marvel movies.

If you don't want to hear me bable about why I think DC gets so much flak, then view the link.

If not look at my points below:

1.  We get the kind of movies we do because Warner Bros. want's the Largest audience possible.  They, afterall, are in the business of selling tickets and videos.  The more that watch, the more money they make.

2. Warner Bros does and doesn't understand the charecters.  When it comes to the animated  films, they usually hit the mark.  Not always so much with live action.  Catwoman comes to mind in this regard.

3. Only so many directors and actors can sell tickets.  Tim Burton, for instance, sold tickets back when he did Batman films.  I didn't agree with his Catwoman, Penguin, or Riddler.  But his involvement sold tickets. Many of which were bought by people who wouldn't have unless he was involved.

4. As the YouTube video points out. DC readers have Icons that they look for in their movies.  Those Icons make it harder to please DC loyal readers.  We are a loyal lot that want our heroes to be what they have always been steady and dependable.

That being said.. enjoy the video.

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